The best in the world for Stroke Treatments

A brain attack caused due to the unavailability of blood to the brain cells is known as a stroke. We all understand the fact that the brain is the response center of the human body, and any signals related to those of the senses or commands to perform specific functions are transmitted through the brain. In case if there is a sudden loss in the blood flow to the brain, or if there is a bleeding inside the head, then there may be a loss in the signals, thereby rendering a certain part of the body unfit for a specific period of time. In most cases, it is required that stroke treatment must be provided to the patient in under an hour of the attack!

According to a survey, one out of six people in India are affected by stroke attacks, and over a million people die because of the same annually. As for a population of 1.2 billion people in India, there are only 800 neuro physicians available, it is worth noting that technology has a key part to play in the betterment of this situation. The Apollo Hospitals have made use of a robotic technology in order to provide treatment to patients in remote locations using this technology. Using this, a doctor sitting in a hospital can perform the treatment of a patient at a village. This miraculous new technology has opened up new avenues in the field of stroke treatments.

There are two types of strokes that occur in the brain:

· Ischemic: Eighty per cent of the strokes that occur in the human brain are ischemic strokes. These are caused by the narrowing of the large arteries that leads up to the brain.

· Hemorrhagic: Hemorrhagic strokes involve bleeding into or around the brain, including weak spots on brain arteries, called “aneurysms,” burst and blood covers the brain.

In case of brain tumor occurring in a person’s brain, there may be multiple headaches or strokes that a person may suffer. However, in order to treat a tumor, a brain tumour surgery is a must.