What is Hip Arthritis? What are the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment?

What is Osteoarthritis (OA)?

A joint disease that is degenerative in nature. OA can affect any type of joint in the body including the hips. This is either due to aging or other factors. The cartilage that pillows the joints begins to break down. The result of this is that the joint bones rub against each other on movement. This leads to stiffness, pain, and can even limit your mobility. Such results are certainly applicable to the OA of the hip as it consists of large joints that carry the body’s weight at every step that you take.

What are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA)?

One of the earlies symptoms of OA is stiffness in buttocks, hips, thighs, and groin. You may experience this after sitting for a longer time or feel inflexible as you wake up in the morning. There can also be a sharp pain while you are more active and fade away at the time of resting. The other symptoms include swelling, tenderness surrounding the joint, or a crackling sensation on movement of the joint.

What is the Diagnosis of OA?

When you consult a doctor, you will be diagnosed for hip arthritis by performing a few tests and through medical history. A medical history includes a question and answer with the healthcare provider through which the symptoms are checked for OA. There is a medical examination includes physical examination of the joint and X-rays. You may also be asked to walk in order to assess your range of mobility.


There are various methods of hip treatment that range from exercise programs to pain management, lifestyle modifications as well as surgery. Mentioned below are a few types of hip treatments:

Pain Management

It is one of the first-line treatments for OA. Those with mild symptoms can opt for pain management. For those suffering from moderate to severe OA may be prescribed pain relievers while those with severe pain may be given injections.

Change in Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can greatly determine the severity of hip arthritis. This is especially true if your profession involves physical labour. Lifestyle changes such as weight loss in case you have excess weight, diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, hot compresses and good rest can eliminate pain to a good extent.


One of the best ways to reduce pain is through exercise. You should speak to your healthcare provider about incorporating exercise to your daily routine. Physical activities such as swimming and bicycling can help a big deal to those suffering from hip arthritis.


It is the option for those people whose arthritis does not respond to conventional treatments. Most of the people who require surgery are the ones who suffer from extreme pain. There are hip treatments in Bangalore, Delhi and other metro cities that you can check for. These treatments can help patients regain their mobility for a lifetime.