Using data, machine learning, and recommendation systems to understand and engage media audiences

Google Analytics is great, but you need more

  1. GA only accurately measures pageviews. Its measurement of time-spent of page and bounce rate are wildly inaccurate. In a world where time spent is becoming an increasingly important metric for both editorial and sales, an accurate representation of time spent engaging with the page (instead of switching to another tab, or opening the page without really engaging with it) is paramount. Upworthy wrote a great analysis on why a better way of measuring time spent it needed.
  2. GA does not tell you how your articles performed on social media. As Facebook becomes the dominant source of pageviews for news sites, it is imperative that media-houses get a unified platform to see both internal and social metrics. Moreover, Facebook also provides the Click Through Rate on your posts, which are essential for measuring the ‘clickability’ of your headlines
  3. GA does not effectively measure advanced engagement metrics like how far a user scrolled down a page, whether or not she engaged with interactives etc.
  4. The GA interface is great for ad-sales teams, but does not provide editorial value. It is difficult to get aggregated analytics by author, categories or topic. It is also difficult to see a single, unified view for an individual page.

Providers like and Chartbeat are much better

Storing and analysing your own data is critically important

Social and search listening is critical for understanding what is hot right now

Social Trends for India, as seen at 4PM IST on Sunday, May 8 2016

Combining pageview, social shares, attention seconds and scroll depth can give you a comprehensive idea of how your content is performing

Understanding the user at a granular level

Bringing it all together




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Rishabh Srivastava

Rishabh Srivastava

Founder at

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