There is no process that guarantees success or is responsible for failure. It is not because of the process that your team succeeded at a project. It is not the fault of the process that your team failed to deliver or solve a problem. People, it is about the people. The sum of decisions, actions and interactions produced by individuals is what leads to success or failure. Surround yourself with individuals you can trust to do great work, especially in the absence of process. If you cannot trust them and need to institute process then you should not be working with them. Process offers the promise of certainties and predictability, which tends to be fruitful in mechanical settings like assembly lines. However, in creative and unpredictable settings process assumes too much. It absolves people of thinking critically and removes decision making. Decisions are paramount and difficult, as they should be since they set or reset your team’s trajectory. Stop making decisions in auto-pilot through process, instead trust your team to make decisions and hold them to account. If you cannot trust them, then find people you can.

Process will never save you from working with the right people.