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Rishi has a plan for our housing issues

In the upcoming congressional election, the voters of the 18th district are fortunate to have a real choice: Rishi Kumar of Saratoga. Rishi gets things done! While serving on the Saratoga City Council, Rishi has successfully led the effort to stop repeated attempts by San Jose Water Company to impose predatory rate increases on ratepayers. Since assuming office, he has tirelessly worked to reinvigorate neighborhood watch programs throughout the city, and reduced burglaries by 41% with a series of innovative measures.

We are long overdue for a change in Congress. Prescription medications are a major component in the spiraling cost of medical care. Unfortunately, Rishi’s opponent Rep. Anna Eshoo has chosen to accept campaign funding from Big Pharma. In fact, she has received more money from Big Pharma than any other member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, while passing legislation that increases the price of American healthcare. Not good!

Rep. Eshoo has also grossly missed the mark on housing. She advocates a one-size fits all housing allotment for California cities. The end result of this policy is cramming large-scale, high density developments into existing neighborhoods, with disastrous consequences for traffic congestion and safety. Rep. Eshoo also misses the mark with addressing our traffic congestion, whereas Rishi has clearly articulated a vision to solve our daily traffic gridlock and a plan for the future.

We’ve given Anna Eshoo 28 years to solve these issues. Special interest politics and platitudes simply don’t work any longer.

In the 2018 Saratoga City Council election, Rishi received more votes than any other candidate in Saratoga’s history. Rishi will not accept funding from Big Pharma or any other Special Interest Group. He will apply the same skills he has successfully used in Saratoga to solve the critical issues facing our district.

Let’s elect the one clear choice for District 18: Rishi Kumar

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