Hey 10th Students ..Wait.. Choose Your SubJect Wisely..

So your 10th-grade exams must be over by now and you guys must be in a mood to get into some pieces of stuff so that to release your stress. Some of you may be joining the hobby classes while some of you may be executing their long-awaited travel plans.

I am not curious to know how much have you scored in love, really I’m not, neither the world gives a shit about how much you will be schooling in your 10th grade.

I really like those who are on Internet because at least they are allowing opportunities to come to them and yes you people are on Internet day and night which I just saw on YouTube fanfest. 
This is because the kind of exposure or the possibility of getting an exposure on Internet is way more unbiased then your parents and your peer group offline.

Let’s get to the point- 
“ which subject are you going to select after 10th and why”

I am not at all interested in knowing the answer to the about question, I just want your approach, I just want to know why you selected that subject.

1. Is this because you are in a particular category of percentage. 
(80% and above means PCM, 
60% or below means commerce, 
I got good in biology that means Biology )

2. Is this because you are very close friends are selecting that.

3. Is this because someone just said that it has a great scope in future.

4. Or you are left with not many choices and it’s just another decision of your life.

I know that whatever decision you will be taking will be influenced by one of the above actors. I am damn sure about it.

We all have gone through this phase of life and believe me students really don’t know why did they select the subject. The 11th grade in India is very important because we took a different path from this point, everybody has to select their field of interest.

Just want to pass on to you some method by which most of the students will be choosing their subject

1. I didn’t get good marks in A, not interested in it, so I should definitely go with B.

2. Subject B is so boring, neither I am interested in A, so lets select C.

3. Subject A is very wide, it has lots of sub-sections to choose from in the near future, so it’s the best, I will have lot many options in future.

4. Subject B seems to be very lucrative, 50 % of my peer group has joined Coaching classes for it. My decision is B.

5. I should listen to just another Sharma-Ji ka ladka.

I am quite sure that your mind will be struggling through all these Analysis methods but believe me if your decision to select any subject is based on any of the above reasons, You are doing the biggest mistake of your life.

Because its all about your approach to a problem of life. No subject is too easy or too tough, and there are endless career possibilities in every path.

So introspect yourself, take your time. The best thing you can do is consult The INTERNET, read about people you really follow or take advice from people who is an outsider (who has no knowledge of your environment). The Internet(Other than Youtube, Social media and Porn) is way more knowledgeable, open-source & unbiased and lots of people are sitting here to guide you in your life.

Thank you for reading this blog. 
I hope you must have extracted something from it.