Suresh Raina and why he is under looked at

When looking at India Cricket, people think about players such as Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Ravi Ashwin, Rohit Sharma and a couple others. What many people miss is the affect that Suresh Raina provides. If you are an avid cricket fan and have watched the way Raina plays, you can see his quality. His footwork is immaculate, his stroke playing is classy and his cricketing sense is phenomenal. Many times when India have needed someone during a collapse, Raina has stepped up and provided that stability while keeping the run rate at par. Whenever India need someone to power them to a bigger total after their top three have performed, Raina’s big-hitting has proven noteworthy. His excellent fielding itself should be a reason as to why he should always be in the team lineup. He can even provide with his off-spin style of bowling which many-a-time picks up a couple of wickets. But why is it that he does not get the attention he deserves?

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