Making Electronic Music

Electronic music began like an extensive underground movement and it has now built a large following amongst people. In fact, this particular music genre has enabled people to add their own styles to the music without having to spend lots of time studying instruments first. Tips for making electronic are as follows;

What you will need

  • Internet access
  • Computer


  1. Driving beat

The first step is to come up with the driving beat. Essentially, electronic music has a distinct 4 beat system. Drum programming will set your song’s ton through looping a continual thump all though the composition.

2. Join a music production community

You should link up with other individuals who are also interested in electronic music production. This could be a local meeting place or online. Message boards offer a way of gaining new ideas with a good audience.
3. Add layers

This particular technique normally distinguishes one produce from the next and it involves adding layers to a driving beat. Some produces introduce R&B elements while others introduce rock elements such as whirling guitars. This depends on the experimental nature and style of the producer.

4. Create a hook

In general, electronic music is a combination of various musical components. The outcome is a new musical creation of music and beats. Simple hooks act as the basic element for keeping your song moving. A strong and soulful voice works well as the hook.

5.Use other music genres

The best thing about electronic music is its ability of spilling over into other music forms. This is seen in how electronic producers and artists effortlessly use other music genres when making their electronic sounds. Blues, gospel, R&B and rock can mix together with electronic sound to create a better musical sound.

Follow these directions and create a unique electronic sound today. It is an enjoyable experience and you can make it your

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