Point your BigRock domains to a Heroku Server

So it’s been a while since I have been using Bigrock for two domains in my name now. When I built it the first time, I kind of liked the website builder they have and for some damn reason purchased it (Oh I get it now, I did not know how to write my own web page 2 years back). Anyhow now that I know how to create my own server and a website for the same, I thought why not go ahead with it and make my own website and host it on a server for another domain I bought, for the fun and learning of it. So I reached out to BigRock for help, but they said they couldn’t really help me there. So I thought I will try to figure it out myself.
It started with a simple quest of hosting my website somewhere and I did not know initially where to go. My colleague suggested to use Heroku (which I use extensively anyways). So I did.
Once your app is tested on local server and it is pushed to Heroku. All you need to do is:

$ heroku domains:add www.yourDomainName.com

This should give you a confirmation on whether it is done or not. Once that is finished, the next step is to check whether the website is being hosted or not. To do that:

$ host www.yourDomainName.com

This should point you to the name of your Herokuapp. Viola! You are done!
And if you are still not done, go to BigRock’s admin panel and look for DNS forwarding there. More information on this can be found here .
Once you reach the location just add the link and test if it is working.

This should forward the domain to your new link. In case it doesn’t don’t panic, things can always be fixed. But I wouldn’t really recommend you asking Bigrock for team. They would probably say somthing like this

Have fun you guys! Find me if you are stuck :)

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