My First Infographic

I’ve published an infographic I created for my RTV 4930 course. Infographics are something users heavy on Pintrest and Reddit might have come across frequently, these images(sometimes charts or diagrams) are used to display data or information. As a person going into media, tools like infographics could be paramount in getting across a statistic or data heavy message across in a simple and informative way. I feel that using an infographic allows the users to tell what could be a detailed story to the audience in a way that might not have been as logical.

Canva is a website that allows you to make simple designs and graphics which also allows you to customize the project with text, stickers, borders and more. One of the features is the ability to use templates to create infographics. Using programs like Canva make the entire process of formulating a infographic that much easier and time efficient. Where I found creative restrictions on other websites and their programs, I didn’t encounter such issues using Canva.