Movies With Strangers #ggfilmclub

Today was the a first, I had never really been a heavy Twitter user and getting the opportunity to take part in a Twitter Chat, was new and fun. Doing this not only got me to interact with fellow social media users but also fellow fans of movies, Twitter and the use of # gave us a platform to come together and share and interact in ways we may not have otherwise. I know for a fact that it’s been at least since the mid 90’s since I’d seen Romancing The Stone and had it not been for this Twitter Chat project and me finding the @ggfilmclub movie chat I more than likely would go another few decades without having seen it.

It was fun to come together on a Sunday afternoon with other movie buffs and watch/tweet together. Taking part in the Twitter Chat allowed me not only to socially interact with other users but to learn some interesting movie trivia also, for example according to a tweet published by Michael (@ggfilmclub) during the movie and our chat, the writer of the film, Diane Thomas earned a WGA Award nomination for the film (Romancing The Stone), I hadn’t know that Ms. Thomas had received such a nomination for her role in the screenplay. It’s cool little notes like that, which made taking part in the Twitter Chat that much more ‘filling’. Things started off with the film club moderator letting us know that we were going to begin the movie in a few minutes and to que up our titles and get ready to hit play. It was post that Tweet that I felt it was time to introduce myself to the moderator and others who were enjoying our movie Twitter Chat. After a few introductions and ‘hellos’ there was a flurry of tweets regarding the movie and what Twitter fans were enjoying their favorite scenes. I took it upon myself to ask those who were involved in our Chat what their top pick of movies that the director of the film had directed. Throughout the movie people were posting comments on the movie or actors and to be honest the 1hr 45-minute movie flew by when I was interacting with other viewers.

From a business standpoint, I could see almost immediately why brands or people do these Chats. While in the early stages of mine, I noticed I had received two followers after I posted a few tweets and within minutes was receiving feedback in the form of comments and ‘likes’. The result was instantaneous and the connection with other users (consumers in the business persons standpoint). Social Media professionals would benefit using something like Twitter Chat because the cost is nothing and the ROI could be quite large. Having never taken part in a Twitter Chat before and the fun time I had doing this, I can see myself doing it again in the near future. Now that I’m following the Twitter that hosted the film chat, I look forward to the next movie I get a chance to watch with some strangers.