Finest Classic Movies Released In The Year 1978

1978 as a year was quite an eventful one for the land if Hindi films. . It was the year that the Bollywood film fraternity together made some really great movies that are remembered till date. Not only did some remarkable blockbusters see the light of the day in 1978, but there were also some super hits that got the crowds roaring. 1978 was not just a year when Bollywood experimented with the genre of movies they made, but it was overall a year when arts, music, drama and movies upped their ante reaching out into territories they hadn’t before. This was truly the year that proved that the olden movie times were the ‘Golden Age’ of Bollywood cinema.

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar- a film that broke all box office records was released in this year. Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Raakhee, Rekha and Amjad Khan, this movie not only had the best of the artists of those times, but also had a plot that was riveting and pulled the audience to the theatres more than once. The film was the third biggest hit of the decade after Sholay and Bobby. The story is of an orphan boy who works his way up to richness. The girl he loves rejects him and depressed he visits a prostitute who ends up falling in love with him. How these three lives intertwine and live through a truly spectacular end is what the movie is about. This movie was such a huge hit that people used to sleep outside theaters in queues to buy tickets for the same. With an array of actors like these and a story from one of the most applauded film makers, we are not too surprised!

Another film that managed to grab the headlines was Badalte Rishtey. Savitri and Manohar are two people in love. An astrologer predicts Manohar’s death if they both get married. For the sake of love, Savitri agrees to marry another guy but Manohar is unable to accept this situation and plans to kill him. What unfolds is a series of incidences that build up an unexpected climax. Starring Reena Roy, Rishi Kapoor and Jeetendra in lead roles, this movie was also one that was loved by the audience for its different storyline and power packed performances.

Apart from the Hindi films, there were a lot of other regional language films in 1978 that also grabbed the headlines. Telugu, Tamil and English films during this year also received appreciation and popularity galore! Overall, the land of films all together did a pretty good job of keeping people entertained.

Good luck with reliving the era of the, presenting the list of 1978 movies !

Summary: 1978 was an entertaining year all around. Both Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional films putting their best foot forward and releasing some blockbuster hits, it was indisputably a good year for films and film lovers!