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Now that the New Year is around the corner, most people are already making their resolutions. Many people believe in the “New Year, New Me” concept and plan to make a lot of changes in their life. One of the most common ones is to get fit. This is the main reason why people renew their gym memberships and get back on track with their diets. Also, most of us indulge during Christmas and New Year’s and need to get back to the daily routine.

This is why most marathons and other fitness related events take place at the start of the year. People are serious with their resolutions and love to take part in such events. But if you aren’t the one who loves running and reside in Mumbai, then you can learn Kalaripayattu. It not only teaches you self-defense but Kalaripayattu also helps you stay fit. Bollywood actress, Parineeti Chopra recently revealed that it was Kalaripayattu that helped her lose oodles of weight. The diva stated that she practises it daily for an hour and it has made her stronger and fitter.

If you live in Mumbai, you can learn more about it by attending the Kalaripayattu Workshop. The workshop will begin on 4th January and will be held for seven days. For the convenience of the people, it will be held in the morning and evening. Navaneetham Cultural Trust and The Hive together have brought this event.

For those who don’t know, Kalaripayattu is a physical-cum-martial art from the state of Kerala. It is one of the most ancient forms of martial arts and its training techniques have been compiled by some Great Gurus. It is not only a martial art but also a self-defense practice and is used in physiotherapeutic treatment.

The place where Kalaripayattu is practiced is known as a Kalari and is supposed to be respected. There is no restriction about who can enter the Kalari. People from any religion or caste can come and learn the martial arts. With regard to the class, it will begin with the lighting and blowing of the holy lamp, Bhadradeepam by the coach. The coach here will be Belraj Soni. The man is a talented trainer and organiser of Kalaripayattu and other art forms of Kerala. He has been trained from the famous Kalaris in the state and has been practicing the art since the past three decades. Apart from being a Kerala State Group Champion, he is also the Founder of the Navaneetham Cultural Trust.


Kalaripayattu is an ancient form of martial arts and is excellent to learn. It has loads of benefits and since Belraj will be the coach, you must attend this workshop.

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