The New Spider Man Franchise Is Starting To Take Form!

An unexpected news has surfaced and it’s good news for all the good reasons! For anyone who has been following the news related to what Sony is doing with the Spider Man franchise knows that it was heavily speculated that Sony is planning to make a Venom movie. And, if the tease was too much to take for any Spider Man fan, there has been another major revelation. Sony has confirmed that the Venom movie is very much happening and that Tom Hardy has been cast to play Eddie Brock. The Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer might be at the helm of things but the negotiations are still on going. This for all intent and reasons is a huge step forward for a project that will further propel the Spider Man franchise in the much needed direction.

For the uninitiated, Venom is Spider Man’s arch nemesis and this is primarily because Eddie Brock despises Spidey’s alter ego, Peter Parker.

Brock is jealous of Parker’s accomplishments. This along with his own depression and despair, is what finally led to the creation of the sadistic villain.With Sony confirming that Tom Hardy will be starring in a Venom movie, there are some questions that still need to be answered.

But, the most important question that needs to be clarified by Sony is how Spider-Man, which as of now is a property of Sony will tie in the movie. This question is important because as of now Marvel has a deal in place which allows Marvel Studios to use the character for appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But at the end of the day the famous web-head is a Sony character, and it would be important for him to appear in the Venom movie. Venom is the direct result of the hatred for Spider-Man the brews in Eddie Brock’s heart. Brock’s anger with Spider-Man is what attracts the alien symbiote that recently got rejected by Spider Man and together, they bond (literally) to form the evil and menacing Venom.

Plus, there is this other question of explaining Symbiote! In the comics, the secret wars is responsible for the Symbiote, and there are other explanations like the one we see in Spider Man 3 by Sam Raimi, but then it was a very lame origin story. These questions are something on which the whole movie will be hanging on. Here’s hoping Sony has something in place or else it will have a very hard time creating a successful Spider Man franchise.

In the meantime, I’m excited for the Spider Man franchise and if you are too, then you should visit your favorite ticket booking portal to get more information about the release date and other related news.

If you are excited for Spider Man Homecoming, then the news that a standalone Venom movie is in the works should only make you happier! But, some very important questions remain unanswered.