The Trailer for Ribbon Is a Quirky Delightful & Relatable Story of a Young Couple Played by Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas.

Ribbon is an upcoming family drama starring actors Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas, of the popular web series Permanent Roommates who would be making his film debut. The two play a young couple, Karan and Shahran Mehra who’ve been happily married for over two years but things go topsy-turvy when Shahran gets pregnant with a baby girl. The couple is seen coping with the new challenge of starting a family as well as juggling work commitments. As the tag line of the movie rightly suggests it is a tale of “knotty turns and loose ends”, in a young couple’s life. The movie has been directed by Rakhee Sandilya, who makes her debut as a feature film maker.

The over two-minute long trailer is a breezy light hearted one coupled with a few intense scenes. The trailer begins with Shahran (Kalki) and Karan (Sumeet) on a terrace of a construction site where Shahran is yelling at Karan for some silly reason, we soon learn that she is going through her first pregnancy. She is seen battling stereotypes at her workplace in a few scenes whereas Karan is seen juggling work commitments as well.

Kalki and Sumeet make a good pair that are engaging from the first frame of the trailer itself, they are easy-going but at the same time rational and logical, something that every young couple surviving in a metropolis can relate to. Karan and Shahran seem to have mutual respect for one another as well but their personal space is invaded due to newer commitments and we can see the happy moments of their lives interwoven with some miserable and lonely one’s as well, which makes the plot more realistic. They are seen struggling with the challenge of becoming new parents but are also happy with their new-born child.

Overall, the Ribbon trailer shows us that it’s not only a slice of life drama but we could probably expect more in the movie. It has been shot entirely in Mumbai. The movie arrives in theatres in November.

Summary: Ribbon is a delightful realistic story about a young married couple in the city coping with the stresses of their jobs and becoming new parents.