Tread Down The Road Not Taken

Cities, like some people, are two faced. There is one face which shows the mature and developed side where traces of modernity like traffic and skyscrapers dwell. The other side, the old part, is the soul of the city. Here resides the undying spirit of the city, the childhood and the youth of the city which can never die but sometimes forgotten in the hustle of everyday life. Every now and again, when the many shopping malls may seem drab and the idiot box seems more nonsensical than usual, the old part of the city provides a relief. Here lie the city secrets of olden architecture, candid conversations, authentic food and street performers, all bustling with a quaint energy fuelled perhaps by the charm of an era bygone. Delhi, or more lovingly called Dilli, is one such city that has the two faces that give it two souls but one address. Getting lost in the many winding streets of old Delhi may be an enchanting idea and you can do just that only with a little help.

Seek Sherpa, a guided tour company, will be organising a group heritage walk around Old Delhi. From 3rd to 31st August, choose any date which fits your schedule to immerse yourself in this culturally rich experience. Pay your tributes at historic places of worship like Gauri Shankar Mandir and Sunheri Masjid or parade around the many vibrant street markets, this tour has it all covered. Anyone who has an inclination to history, culture, photography or is just a food enthusiast is invited for this unique experience.

There is no scarcity of historical sites in Delhi and helping you explore them is exactly what Seek Sherpa is here for. Apart from a tour of Old Delhi, they have also organised a guided tour of Humayun’s tomb. The second Mughal Emperor’s burial site is a source of wonder because of its detailed architectural marvels that can’t be simply explained but need to be seen and experienced. Choose any date between 3rd to 31st August to experience the result of love and loss at this beautiful tomb.

Delhi has many symbols in the form of structures that epitomise its undying spirit, but few are as widely recognised as Qutub Minar. Although it has its own unparalleled beauty, right adjacent to this architectural gem lie the Ruins of Mehrauli with their own set of hidden marvels. Dargahs, mosques and tombs, Seek Sherpa’s tour of Mehrauli Architectural Park will leave you convinced that sometimes the road not taken does truly hold treasures which are hard to find elsewhere.

With bulk booking for 10–30 people available at sites like, be sure to choose your preferred timings for any of these cultural experiences that will only leave you wanting for more.

Summary: Have you ever felt a stranger in your own city, unable to manoeuvre through the old and winding streets or at a loss of words to rave about the historical architectural gems which you’re your city unique? Seek Sherpa is here with guided tours of Old Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb and of Mehrauli Architectural Park to quench your cultural curiosity and leave you with pleasant memories in the city you call home.


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