iPhone the phone died with Steve Jobs

Steve launching the iPhone back in 2007

When I loop back in 2007 when the first iPhone was launched and till today that is 2015 iPhone have seen many mile stones and great success stories. iPhone have came up as a great polished product which other manufacturers are still following of. Be it the hardware or the the quality of the product iPhone is still being looked as a benchmark in many ways. I am not denying that iPhone is still a great product. It is a great product.

The point I want to make here is the vision or the direction of the product is lost. It’s some how not visible anymore. The way I see it Apple is still trying to catch up the market with its new launches like the screen size, the Apple pencil or many other OS features. Somehow the new stuff coming out from Apple’s kitchen is byproduct of a need rather than innovation I assume.

I am not sure how true this thing holds that how many people are actually comfortable using the new scattered OS we have in this new phone.

You have notifications, the the sliding tray from the top of the phone adding to it is the widgets in the notification tray and many things like this. On top of that you have that Siri recommendations of left of the OS.

There are many things I can see are resembled from Android to iOS. I am not sure saying this would make sense that Apple is trying to fit few android features in the iOS because they are good! There is nothing wrong in getting the best things from the industry or competition to your product. But there is a difference in inspiration and following, somehow Apple have been stuck into stigma of following the competitions since Steve Jobs have died.

I am neither a fanboy of Apple of Android but somehow Apple needs to work on how the notifications should work on the iPhone.

I mean somehow I feel like most when the phone makes that Ding sound and you don’t know for what that sound was for.

Then I need to find where the new thing to by looking at the small red notification icon. Yeah for some of might sound like an obvious thing but as a user who comes from Android notification is quite obvious. There is an app called true caller which doesn’t work with iPhone the way it should work that is track time.

There are many things Android needs do to in a correct manner the platform but the good thing is going on right direction but fixing things one by one.

The issue with iOS is some how they were at the right spot when the iPhone was lunched but Apple did not stated moving in the consumers direction and the new innovations they have no longer ground breaking innovation so the consumer will stick to it. As it is said The faster you go, it’s more difficult to turn. Apple is moving fast and so fast they can’t make the necessary changes Or I would say they are not on the innovative edge. I feel really bad to say this but this is unfortunately true.

When you go 7–10 years in past you had iTunes the biggest reason why I was sticking to iPhone so I don’t need to download those pirated songs and I can keep my library with me on my Mac and iPhone, but today in 2015 I have many options for listening the songs I have Gaana.com, Saavn and many more I no longer need to worry about the cross platform music application. Damn I am no more in need of iTunes sad but true, one strong reason gone. Then I have next important thing on my phone are photos. I have been using Google photos since last 6 years where I back all my stuff in cloud, you have iCloud on the iPhone but some how I was never able to figure out how does the iCloud photo works so another reason gone. And yes one thing to mention gone are those days atleast for me where you plug your device to your laptop to copy the photos nah! I don’t do it any more.

This may sound like a little fanboyish but the truth has to be spoken. Once you start using Google now, you just can’t let go the goodness of it.

Google now tells me when my bills are due, when should I leave for the movie to reach on time, when I have trips planned it will show me how the weather is like in the city where I am travelling , if I am away from home how much time would it take to be back and many more thing. When I go back to iOS this thing feels like brick, yeah thats how I felt it when I switched back to iOS three weeks back.

The simple design which I used to like is still the way it was in 2007 simple but small and some times it gets quite difficult to locate the things while your are moving or sitting in the car when there are other things which needs to be taken care of. For someone like you (maybe) thinking that’s invasion of your privacy but I think it’s not. You always have control over what you want to share with Google and what not so relax that’s really fine.

And yes how can I forget to mention that gone are those days when Apple owned the arena of quality and works every time. Now a days many manufacturer are coming up with high quality premium feeling product which have a consistent performance.

I am not really trying to justify if Apple is doing good or bad with the iPhone but my expectations from Apple are bit high and somehow I feel after Steve Apple is just playing the catching up game and I hope that changes some day.

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