Progress is an illusion.

Most of human progress can be boiled down to two words: discovery and ideas. The early man discovered fire and the wheel. As language developed, and man began to think, ideas happened. Humanity began thinking in terms of “what if..?” and “why not…”. This led to new and novel ideas that sparked invention. Inventions, followed by the industrial revolution and the birth of computers followed by the software boom is roughly the how modern times evolved. And the common factor among all of these is that they are the off springs of ideas.

In a book I was reading, “Creative Living Without Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author proposes this rather radical notion that ideas are a separate entity coexisting with life. She wrote that ideas chose their human counterpart. That humans don’t come up with ideas, but ideas come to humans. This got me thinking. What if future humans(who have transcended the constraints of 3 dimensional space) are communicating with us through ideas, guiding us? With breakthroughs in neuropsychology and the future prospect of telepathy, this is not at all unlikely. Also, if the multiverse theory is valid, it is possible that there exists a universe where humanity has reached a level of intelligence that enables them to communicate with us. Much like in the movie interstellar. This leads to a very disturbing conclusion: the future affects the present. We already know how much influence the past has on the present. What if the future exacts its will on the present too? Is humanity(as a whole) truly charting its own progress or is it just reaching a pre-existing level of intelligence? With the past’s influence and the future’s effect on our present, is anything we do truly remarkable? And as individuals, how much do our contributions count, if they do at all?