Weekly Yoga Courses In Rishikesh

Yoga has completely transformed the modern day exercises trends all over the world. Bestowing to serve the human body with lot of benefits these Yoga trends have the long term positive effects too. RishikeshYogvan is certified Yoga School who is committed towards teaching these Yoga exercises in multiple courses. With Rishikesh Yogvan right guidance and skilful expertise Yoga is taught to followers in traditional way. Especially for those who are new learners this One Week Yoga Course For Beginners is perfectly matched to guide you into the world of Yoga exercise. Our teachers have years of experience and skills with unique methodology in teaching Yoga exercises. They have the respect and are recommended by foreigners who have they practiced their knowledge impartially in giving them the life of joy and happiness.

Itinerary of your Weekly Course at Rishikeshyogvan:- This comprehensive Yoga Weekly courses is offered at our prime institute in Rishikesh respectively and covers all the beginners phase for your understanding. This One Week Yoga Course In Rishikesh starts every week i.e. Monday and classes run to full week ending on Saturday only.

Day starts with Wakeup call at 5:30 Am sharp and with activities beginning from 6AM with Shatkarma as well Pranayam for next one and half hour. Then based on Iyengar style you will be taught about all the Asanas with Yoga Guru at your threshold guiding into the right body poses and frame of mind telling the benefits of each pose respectively. Then after one hour rest than also includes morning breakfast learners are given special classes on Yoga effects related to Human Anatomy & Physiology which is thereafter followed by lunch.

Yoga Philosophy lessons in relation to traditional religion and the future benefits are given. With special evening classes that starts with Yoga Asanas classes from 4:30PM to 6PM which is then followed with meditation for 1 hour ending with dinner. There are kirtan, satsang and Mantra chanting that are optionally to the learners and then lights are turned off around 9:30 respectively.

You will be provided with private rooms with attached bathrooms, free wireless connectivity, three Vegetarian meals on daily basis with complete guidance on local sightseeing and spiritual tours along with regular exercise routine to make your stay in Rishikesh perfect. Alcohol, smoking or any illegal activity are strictly prohibited in this religious environment. All the rules and regulations of RishikeshYogvan must be followed.

This 6 day weekly course will give all the insights into the Yoga traditional exercises that practitioners can follow on daily basis improving their health over time. One needs to plan their arrival with advance bookings to fit right into their busy schedule. There are many foreigners disciples who choose to go on choose to learn the Rishikesh Yogvan 200 hrs TTC (Teacher Training course) registered with Yoga Alliance USA who has global certification for teaching these Yoga exercises as Counsellor or Yoga Guru in native country too. Rishikesh Yogvan is one of the leading centres for learning these traditional exercises in this Yoga Capital of the world.

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