One of the Crucial perspective any human endeavor initiates at Introspection — the more deep self looks into equally voluminous it feels belonged. Matrix of Thought-learning-subject always leaves one puzzled and thrilled to find out what one learnt due process. ‘Why’ shall be the great query for the mankind, where as what to do with the end result.

Life, when plays the role of a Teacher, makes one realize the sweet and pleasant fragrance through love of a companion. Words at times keep mum accommodating the feelings lead the romance. Manifestation of this love through moment when beautiful angelic eyes, brought into this human world for the first time, spoke to me smiling her pure affection called me her Dad!. I felt complete.

Accomplishment is a dream land for a real observant. Soon he/she wakes up from one, reckon to advent on un notated tunes. Nothing Ends — the life, the spirit to master it, wicked failures, tricky consolations…the death and the true living begins. Few see it all superficially but stop at the end. Blessed are those who end the acknowledging Life through the beginning and see to begin from the sooner it Ends.

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