Why Choose Kerala as Your Yoga Teacher Training Venue

Have been flipping the idea of a yoga vacation to India for a long time? Your search must end at Kerala where yogis get to learn yoga and more!

This sea-kissed South Indian state, besides being one of the best bases for yoga learning also offers a bunch of fun recreational activities as well as effective therapy and alternative medicine. Set the golden tropical beaches of Kerala as your next destination to quench your thirst for travel, cultural learning and mind-body wellness. There is much to discover in the nooks of the local picturesque fishing villages — interesting indigenous life, great food and a spectrum of performance arts like the classical Indian dance form- kathakali or the thrilling martial arts form- “Kalariyapattu”.

Here is A Detailed List:


The ancient Indian science of wellness and healing, Ayurveda is strongly rooted in the traditions of Kerala. It is perhaps the only region in the modern world where Ayurveda is not considered an alternative medicine but is a major way of life. Ayurveda is supported by the philosophy of holistic relationship between mind, body and soul; just as yoga. Thus, an initiation to yoga and Ayurveda in Kerala will help your spiritual growth.

Ayurveda in Kerala

This completely naturalistic system of healing is popular in Kerala in the form of Panchkarma treatment. Panchkarma aims at absolute detoxification of the body, preparing it for better living, activeness, overall health and high performance. While strengthening your physical abilities with yogic practices when in Kerala, make sure to purify the body from within with Panchakarma therapy.


A colorful variety of exotic spices is part of Kerala’s many appeals. Famed for the production and export of lovely condiments and zests like cardamom, pepper, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, curry leaves and more; Kerala is a heaven for culinary enthusiasts. Those with a knack for the tastes of India are welcome to compliment their learning of Ayurvedic food values with zests from Kerala’s exotic spice gardens.

Food in Kerala

Steeped in the serene blue Nilgiri hills, Kerala’s spice gardens are verdant and filled with peacefulness. Getaways to spice-foraging trips along these hilly trails of Kerala could be dreamy and very refreshing for the disciplinarians of yoga teacher training in India.


Kerala’s coastline is breezy and beautiful with hundreds of different sights and sounds. Amidst bustling fishmongers, coconut tree shacks and much else, you will find surf men tossing back and forth to the beach on choppy waves. The surf and soul centre in Kerala’s scenic seafront town of Varkala is now delighting fun loving yogic travelers to the town in all seasons.

Surfing in Kerala

Only yoga in Kerala allows you to take a break from the hectic curriculum to indulge in an activity as sprightly and joyous as wild sea surfing!


Keep Kerala on top of the list as the venue for your yoga teacher training in India because beside the fun and frolics, there are enough scopes for soul searching through the understanding of religiosity. Indian devotional observations in the temple town of Varkala will greatly help your yogic goals. Visit the Papanasam beach, titled after “Papanasini” or the sin-destroyer goddess where offerings to the dead are made. The believers and reverent souls of this tradition will strengthen your grasp on spirituality.

Make Kerala the next stop on your yoga journey. This is your chance to club your yogic ambitions with so many other delights.

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