The One Unsubscribe a Day Project: Day 5

It’s only Day 5 and this already seems harder than a juice cleanse.

Today’s Victim: Zeal Optics

Rationale: Zeal Optics is a specialty retailer selling eyewear for snowsports and mountaineering. As an avid skier, I enjoy keeping up on the latest gear so this one pains me. However, ski goggles are an infrequent purchase and since I just bought a pair I won’t be in the market for a while. It should be noted that Zeal Optics emails are solid with good imagery and content. Today’s email even includes the promise to plant a tree for every set of eyewear sold along with a goal of doubling the number of trees planted last year. The campaign even has a clever hashtag #treestheseason. Solid cause marketing no doubt. Unfortunately, this brand might be a better follow on Twitter or Instagram.

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