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NavGurukul Dharamsala Campus

TLDR: I decided to step down as a full-time member in October 2019, to explore some of the ideas that strongly interested me. Since then, I have been working on my transition to step down as the COO of NavGurukul. Will still be involved in a (very) part time capacity in certain areas. Don’t have a specific plan ahead. Want to spend more time exploring my interests around sustainability, permaculture & generally on building regenerative solutions for the planet.

How should the evenly distributed genius across the world get access to the unevenly distributed opportunities? How can we build access to holistic & inclusive higher education spaces for everyone, not just for the privileged? How do we revolutionise education as a means of learning and acquiring wisdom than a mere tool to get jobs with? …


Rishabh Verma

I lead where we are creating a meaningful alternative to college for the underprivileged.

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