Why Celebrities Love to Get Married Secretly?

Matrimony is a very important step in anyone’s life and is a tremendous event that everyone likes to enjoy to the fullest. For general people interested in arranged marriages, it generally starts with a life partner search on any of the top matrimonial sites but, this goes a step further for celebrities whose lives make headlines every day and are open for all to see. Celebrities like to keep their private lives out of the public’s sight for various reasons, especially their love life.
There are some reasons why our idols keep their love lives private?

Need for a Private Life

While they are public figures, celebrities try to squeeze in some moments out of the glamour world to be themselves and act like normal people. While their lives provide regular gossip to newspaper columns and sites, celebs try to keep their matrimonial affairs away from the glaring lights of the media. Our celebs especially dislike this form of commoditization of their private lives, and hence, they make the effort to keep their love life a secret.

Career Boost
What to do when you want to give your career a boost? Well, a love affair is the perfect way to turn the cameras towards you. This is what many celebs do to keep their fans from paying attention to some other celebrity. We saw Kim Kardashian’s short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries which was considered a publicity stunt by the media and fans alike for the promotion of Kardashian’s television ventures later that year. The more you keep it a secret the more curiosity and publicity you garner!

Film Promotion
A secret wedding between the lead pair is a perfect way to make a film a blockbuster hit! How crazy people go when they see an on-screen couple romancing each other off-screen as well, and marriage just acts as a cherry on the cake. Not to forget that a secret marriage is always more juicy than the openly-declared marriages of celebrities. We have seen so many times Ranbeer Kapoor’s affair and marriage gossip with Dipika Padukone and other actress before a releasing a movie. So, a perfect combo for a hit!

A Second Marriage
We have seen celebrities getting married secretly when they are already married. This is not unheard of, especially in Bollywood where we have had examples of Dharmendra-Hema Malini, Boney Kapoor-Sridevi, Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor and Amir Khan-Kiran Rao. So it is obvious that the couple would like to keep their marriage under garbs for fear of criticism and negative publicity. It could harm the celebrity’s image and career. So love all you want so long as it remains a secret!

Keeping in the Limelight
How to become a celebrity without remaining in the limelight? There are very few celebs that can remain happy without any limelight and constant fan-following. You have to be seen to be noticed! So what better way to grab eyeballs and a long article in newspapers than to get married in secret! Marriages are not an everyday scene in the celeb world, and they are sure to create an effect on the minds of the people. It gets even better when it is a hush-hush affair, because who doesn’t like to unravel a secret?

Well, our celebs always have something cooking that grabs headlines as soon as it leaks into the public platform. As much as they try to keep their personal lives away from the gossip corners, they are hardly able to ditch them for long. Well, celebs, with more power comes more attention and loads of nosy parkers!

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