Why matrimonial sites witness 50–100% surge in demand for match making?

Startups and those working in them may have achieved a mark of distinction in an acutely class-conscious society — the evidence is surging demand on matrimonial sites. It’s not just investors, even prospective suitors are queuing up for entrepreneurs and those in the startup industry. That’s a U-turn from few years ago when increased risk appetite did not bode well for marital prospects.
Such sites have seen a 50–100% jump in demand for matches from those in the industry within a year. Rishtonkasansar.com, saw a 50% increase in demand for grooms who are entrepreneurs or work in startups in the January-March period from the year earlier. Those persons looking for such partners are teachers or work the software industry.
There’s even been a 42% increase in demand for brides working in startups from grooms across most professions. The company has several lakh people searching for matches registered on its site. Rishtonkasansar.com and in its network. “These young entrepreneurs have gained rock star status and many want a partner just like them. Stories of the spurt in successful ventures have made it socially acceptable to have a groom/bride who is an entrepreneur or works for a startup,” said Mr. Mahesh Sharma Founder & Director, Rishtonkasansar.com. The company has seen demand double for matches with those at startups in the last two years.
Mr. Mahesh Sharma, however, added that the demand is mostly from the big cities and clients in tier II and III towns like Meerut still prefer those employed in traditional sectors such as medicine and engineering.

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