The best office space is your backyard.

Working from your backyard might be the best way to increase work satisfaction and productivity.

Working from home may sound counterproductive, but with the right space and tools, it will make you happier and more productive. In fact, many people do. Since one-third of employees in public and private sectors are working remotely at any given time, we’re going in-depth on the benefits of working in your backyard. Our team does and we find it to be great, so we collected statistics and data that explains why this is working so well.

First, we ask ourselves, how much more productive could you be if you don’t work at your company’s office? To answer this question,we found a Freakanomics podcast discussion to be insightful. They addressed two key perspectives:

How employees think if their lives are better from not commuting and office culture.
Employer’s concerns of productivity loss if employees worked at home.

To answer these questions, the podcast refers to a study conducted by James Liang and Nicholas Bloom. Ctrip, an online travel website company, revealed greater employee satisfaction that resulted in higher performance outcomes. Notable results included an 12 percent increase in overall employees’ performance and 3 percent higher performance per minute. It seems to us that the more satisfied you are with your work, the more likely you are to focus on it.

We understand that employers could have concerns such as trust and productivity levels about allowing employees to work at home. As discussed in the podcast, distractions could include watching cat videos all day, imbalances between work tasks and spending time with family, as well as irregular meal schedules. However, Liang and Bloom’s study reinforces that the office environment could be just as distracting with noise levels and interruptions from colleagues.

However, we like to think that perhaps the best work environment is at home, yet surrounded by nature. There has been a reported 15 percent increase in well-being by working in a nature inspired environment. This can include having a plant in your workspace or access to a backyard garden. Known as biophilic design, this strategy has been proven to increase productivity by 6 percent and enable employees to be 15 percent more creative. In addition, the top 5 most desired elements in a workspace include: natural light, live indoor plants, a quiet workspace, a view of the sea, and bright colors. For most people, using your backyard to make the best of these desired elements, might also be the shortest route to work satisfaction.

Working at home is a better alternative to traditional workplace environments. Even though there are potential distractions present at home and the office, setting up a work environment to best accommodate your productivity levels is ideal. By surrounding yourself with beautiful plants in your workspace, and even better — your backyard, you can be more satisfied with your work and even impress your boss!

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