We’re excited to announce our technology partnership with Action Network, a toolset that consists of some of the best online organizing tools for candidates, labor, and issue advocacy campaigns. We currently offer Action Network form embeds on our rapid response sites, and look forward to working with the talented staff at Action Network on potential advancements in our partnership. Partnering with Action Network was an easy alignment for Rising Campaigns as they share some of the same philosophies we do in helping efforts that are budget strapped but pushing really important work for our space. …


Thanks for joining Rising Campaigns on our new journey! As a new company founded by two life-long progressives with years of experience helping some of the nation’s largest labor unions, largest social movements, and candidates running for the highest office it became clear that movements with less money and staff were being left behind. We decided to create Rising Campaigns to fill that void and provide affordable, secure, quickly built, and user friendly websites for this cross section of the progressive community.

Rising Campaigns

Rising Campaigns is a platform for quickly launching websites that grow with your campaign. We focus on security, affordability, and function for progressives.

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