Muscle Recovery Supplement Guide

The first 45 minutes following any workout are the most critical time to refuel your muscles with recovery and growth nutrients. Missing this window can compromise your muscles’ ability to recover and make the gains you want. You can easily get the muscle recovery supplements necessarily by using whey protein supplements.

Mutant whey protein supplement powder is one of the most popular supplements for gym goers because two scoops of Mutant mix provides the necessary nutrients to promote healthy recovery and to build muscle. One serving, which is two scoops, contains 44g of whey protein, 17g of BCAAa and glutamine, 5 stage whey protein (100% protein intake), 14g carbohydrates (4g sugar), and 7g fat.

Mutant Whey Protein supplements are great muscle recovery supplements with the taste of chocolate milk to make it satisfying. It is a good way to supplement for a meal following your workout.