Here’s a walkthrough I made back in 2017 for Bei Mir Bist du Schon.

I made this walkthrough for my students, I hope it helps you too.

Video of the Walkthrough

I was able to add the sheet music to the video and post it on SoundSlice. So click the image below and you can find both!

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2 Walkthrough Videos

These videos on La Foule are mostly about the right-hand chords for playing rhythmic accompaniment (you’ll hear me call this comping) and the left-hand bass movements.

This video here is much more jazz and would be helpful for someone accompanying another musician who is playing the melody or soloing.

La Foule is unique compared to other waltzes in that it is written in the style of a Venezuelan or Peruvian waltz, which has more of a 6/8 feel rather than a 3/4 waltz feel.

This video demonstrates cool things you can do with the left hand on the accordion for La Foule.

Sheet Music

The Django Fakebook has a good lead sheet for this song.

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Top 5 Songs to try if you’re new to Gypsy Jazz accordion:

  • Minor Swing
  • Daphne
  • Valse des Niglos (Waltz of the Hedgehogs)
  • Coquette
  • Honeysuckle Rose

Essentials of the gypsy jazz accordion sound:

  • Articulation of notes is usually in between legato and staccato.
  • Melodies and improvisations have lots of ornamentation.
  • The swing feel is more on the front of the beat, compared to American swing.
  • Accordion players don’t use their LH’s very much when they are playing with guitar players. Especially not oom-pa!

Top tips to get started:

  • Listen to lots of gypsy jazz accordion: Ludovic Beier, Marcel Loeffler, Gus Viseur.
  • Find a gypsy jazz meetup around you to play with others.
  • Find play along recordings on youtube.
  • Find the “Gypsy Jazz Fakebook” online.

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