Feeling At Home vs Growth By Leaving Your Comfort Zone

An Early Painting of Mine Titled Prairie Home

I am fortunate in having had life experiences that were not necessarily planned by me but that took me out of my comfort zone. I feel that staying totally inside your comfort zone leads to arrested development, a limited world view, and a impoverished life.

I have friends who have moved to radically different places with their young children and are wondering if they are doing the right thing by subjecting themselves to the cultural shocks and stresses involved.

I can say from personal experience that what you may bemoan at the time as overwhelm and uncomfortable becomes a treasure chest of invaluable experiences when you look back on them.

My travels began as a infant moving from

Billings Montana to

Choteau Montana and continued to

Great Falls Montana

Bozeman Montana

Peoria Illinois

Edgewood Maryland

Long Binh Vietnam

Butte Montana

Colestrip Montana

Abqaiq Saudi Arabia

Udhailiha Saudi Arabia

Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Hampton Falls New Hampshire

Heredia Costa Rica

and back to Billings Montana

Most of these moves had some stress involved, but looking back on them all I give thanks that I have had such a rich life full of experiences that money cannot buy. You can of course buy a plane ticket and visit many places which do add to the richness of your life, but a short vacation visit compares perhaps like pennies compare to $100 bills.