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  • Challenging courses aligned to rigorous standards
  • Instruction by great teachers based on research-based methods
  • Personal attention for all students
  • Extra help for students who need it (including students with special needs)
  • A safe and orderly learning environment
  • A welcoming environment
  • Family and community involvement
  • Class sizes targeted at 25 students or less

Challenging Courses Aligned to Rigorous Standards

The Rising School will focus on creating a great college-prep school that is one of the best academic schools in Arizona. TRS’s curriculum, instruction, and assessments will be aligned to Arizona’s current College and Career Readiness Standards (Common Core Standards + 2010 Arizona Additions) and CCRS-aligned assessments, such as the state standardized assessment exams. Courses will also incorporate college-readiness content and skills aligned to AP, ACT, SAT, and other assessments. Students assessed in the bottom quartile based on CCRS-aligned formative assessments in math, reading, and writing will be required to take, in addition to all of the core courses, an intervention course in math, reading, or writing. The school will employ other intervention strategies — including a study skills course, plentiful tutoring, and elements of the Response to Intervention program — as the school focuses on academic progress for every student.

Homework Policies

Homework can be a controversial subject. As such, we have thoroughly researched the numerous scholarly studies on the topic, which have analyzed the real-life experiences of thousands and thousands of students of all ages. Based on the results of that extensive research, we have adopted the following homework policies.

Research clearly demonstrates that homework benefits students’ academic achievement, especially as students get older and must become more independent as learners. For example, Professor Harris M. Cooper, in a meta-analysis that examined over 120 separate studies on homework’s effect on students’ academic achievement, found the following: “These studies revealed that the average high school student in a class doing homework would outperform 75% of the students in a no-homework class.”

To most effectively increase student learning, however, homework must be assigned appropriately. To be appropriate, homework must be proper in the amount, the level of challenge, and the purpose. Additionally, appropriate homework does not require parents to act as teachers for their child’s homework.

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