Current State of Affairs

Greetings Voters of Rising_Sun and the general Ark community. Rising_Sun Delegate has been busy these last few weeks. Unfortunately we have hit a wall when it comes to delegate funding. Currently we pay 90%, assuming the network is working 100% uptime that leaves about 1270 Ark a month for the both of us. Four hundred of that is used for bounties, one hundred is used for giveaways, thirty for Discord Nitro, and two hundred for merch. This is currently only leaving us with about 500 Ark for server fees, future plans, and our own pay (when/if the network is up 100% of the month) . Due to recent network issues, we have taken a large hit and have had to pay server fees out of pocket, and have not been able to work towards any of our additional plans not explicitly outlined in the proposal. Some of these plans include: two hackathons in two different continents at the same time, a large scale fifa tournament with live matches and streamed finals, additional live streams (at peak I’d like to do one weekly), and special events such as Christmas giveaways

What are we going to do?

Rising_Sun is planning to drop payouts to a fixed 84% for now, starting next week. Payouts will always be around the 84% mark. If we do a lot that month, or get some amazing submissions we really want to reward, then we would like to payout less, and reward these wonderful contributors. So far this month we have a larger amount of contributions and we want to reward as many of them as possible, while still recognizing the ones that went above and beyond what was expected. We are not doing this out of greed, most of the funds are going towards our plans but it’s also unfair to work hard and not have any recognition, we value our work and we don’t want to lose the motivation. We will keep all voters up to date on any and all plans, and we are always around to talk. Please let us know if you have any ideas for the future!