Greetings Arkies! You’ve been waiting for it and much like Christmas morning it finally came: the bounty rewards are published!

To the lucky winners of the giveaway, I would like to let you know that credit for keeping it provably fair goes to delegate fun, for the idea of using the block ids as a random number generator. We have received a lot of submissions and we are very glad for it. We are hoping to give something back to the community with this delegate. Our focus was on Ark outreach and we assigned prizes accordingly.

First place — 110 Ark dvdptr

Your submission fits incredibly well with the style of ARK. They are simple but beautiful. Congratulations!!

Below are some wallet backgrounds that dvdptr submitted as well, elegant.

Second place — 80 Ark goes to azure-infinity

This is very catching and we strongly think it will be great for Ark outreach as a general Ark poster or maybe a banner to have displayed wherever possible!

Third place — 50 ARK goes to Izolith

We liked this as a wallet background a lot. We like your attitude and we hope to see more entries from you next month.

We also want to reward Izolith an additional 10 Ark for this artwork

Ark is the bridge of blockchain.

Fourth place 45 Ark goes to Tobi

The article is a great summary and very professional, next time if allowable be sure to post on neutral platforms such as Medium/Steemit.

Fifth place 30 Ark goes to Fatmia

Thank you for the relevant info-graphics that can be sent and shared around to spread the awareness of Ark

If you’ve noticed by doing some quick maths, then 75 Ark is missing from this list. This 75 Ark is awarded to Justin, chairman of the ARK Community Committee, to distribute to his committee for a project releasing very soon. I have spoken with him about the project, and am confident that it will bring great things to Ark.

Rising_Sun wishes you all smooth sailing, and best of luck with next months bounties. The winners of the giveaways can be found here: you will all be contacted shortly. Reminder to vote by October 5th to be enrolled for next months giveaway, which will be held at the end of the month. We are excited to see what the next month holds for bounties, reminder that you can submit anything you like.