The development of blockchain applications need not be difficult, partly because of this new technology, but also because of certain limitations imposed on the current status quo how blockchains are used today. In this paper, we discuss issues with the implementation and the latest blockchain solutions to this problem. We introduce Lamden: a suite of software development tools that includes blockchain generators, community collaboration tools, and independent chain-to-chain communications to create a vast network of application blocks that can transfer assets in between.

What is Lamden?

Lamden is a set of developer tools that speed up the revocation process and new and specialized apps. Token Lamden Tau connects this new project together and with main power crypto.

The purpose of Lamden

The goal of the Lamden Project is to provide a suite of tools that make rapid development and easy block deployment for the general developer population. By modeling our Devices based on the most popular tools that developers use today, we can capture large and enthusiastic developer bases who want to engage in blockchain but can not overcome the initial hurdle.

Furthermore, by providing a centralized society, innovation can succeed and build itself, leading to newer and larger technologies and accelerating the industry as a whole. Lastly, through Cloves, we can connect all these projects simultaneously in a routing system that facilitates swap transactions so that private chains can retain the benefits of self-management and still make use of larger, bigger application ecosystems.

Token Sale (Event Scattering Token)

The Lamden project will be funded by the Token Scattering Event from Lamden Tau. Lamden Tau will be available for purchase on the main network of Ethaceum in the form of the token ERC20. Lamden Tau said it would be available to trade the Lamden chain during an ingenious process that marks the milestone achievement of chain communication of Cloves. More details about the Token Barrier Event are included in the organization’s document.

Token Sale Details

  • Hard cap of 11,613 Ether
  • 9,713 Tau per Ether + Additional 22% bonus post sale
  • Tokens not amounting to the max supply of 500,000,000 will be burned

Concerning fluctuations in etereum prices: the total increase is difficult to close at $ 10 million. Once this cap is reached, the sale will be completed, and the remaining potential tokens will be burned.


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Author: rafajunior99