TribeToken Decentralized Charitable Platforms


TribeToken is a new decentralized charity platform that uses cryptocurrency (proof) and enables one to help them anywhere and anytime! TribeToken works as a charity platform for all those who are poor, where you can create charity in your own way and contribute to other charitable activities without the slightest hassle and at a minimal cost!

Our goal is to create a global currency for charity projects and to help people who need help in any case.
Place in this world, to create a decentralized Token so anyone can get TribeToken whenever and wherever they are.
Limitations in various countries and to create a decentralized network of stored projects
In Ethereal Blockchain and can be controlled by a decentralized voting system.

Definition of Charity

Charity — an organization set up to provide aid and raise money for those who need help, voluntarily
Grants are usually in the form of money, to those in need.
Give those who need it to develop infrastructure, in charity fundraising. Stop the disease, improve the living conditions.
Participants in charitable activities, regardless of donated amount, are called donors, and popular beliefs
Participation does not require a very large amount, but it must be given with a sincerity in doing justice.

Definition of Decentralization

Decentralization means distributing the administrative power and / or function of a system
Point of regulation for some people.
For this Token applies as freedom from a controlling entity such as government or banking
The institution as a control passes you and everyone who uses Token.

How Charity Helps People

When people think about other developing countries, they don’t think that we, as individuals, can help that much, but actually the truth is that every single donation can make a huge difference. A small sum of 34 dollars can supply enough fresh water for a week to a person, if enough people donated then fresh water could become abundant in rural or poor regions.

ICO specifications

ICO starting date: 24th July on 12:00 UTC

ICO ending date: 14th August on 12:00 UTC

TribeTokens created: 200 000 000 TRIBE

 20 000 000 TRIBE — Team

 10 000 000 TRIBE — Tribe Economy

 10 000 000 TRIBE — Bounties and partnerships

 160 000 000 TRIBE — ICO remaining will be burned

Maximum goal: 50 000 ETH

Token exchange rate: 3000 TRIBE = 1 ETH

Minimum transaction amount: 300 TRIBE = 0.1 ETH

20% bonus tokens for the first 7 days off the ICO


Tribe one
For our first release, we aim to bring a decentralized charity platform where you can
Donate to charity projects and make them use TribeToken.

Tribe Two
In our second release, we want to focus on mobile app usage off the platform. By creating a
decentralized web application that enables you to use the platform on any device available with

Tribe Three

In the third release, we want to activate the Tribe Economy. Our team will be heading to undeveloped countries to create a local economy by using TribeTokens and we will keep updating the platform with new features. When we start developing we will release a public roadmap to show what we are currently working on in real-time.

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