London Real’s Business Accelerator : How to create your online business in 8 weeks

Although I have followed other courses given by Brian Rose and I know that he is an inspiring fellow who delivers big time because he walks his talk and he cares truly about his students, I have been again surprised and awed at how he distills all the crucial elements of a subject, teaches them to you, inspires you to take action, kicks your butt if you don’t and helps you get to the finishing line victorious , helping you to create your online business in 8 short weeks. It is truly amazing how he guides you to create and sell your first product and how with this course he sets you on the path of financial independence doing what you love.

The course has taken me through a lot of steps and many times I thought I was not going to be able to do everything, but I kept reminding myself that I had already paid for it and that I also know what happens to me when I don’t finish what I start: that I loathe myself! So I managed to convince myself to hang on and do the work.

First, and before beginning the first module, I have had to do 10 video blogs exploring business ideas and exposing them, because we had to post them to youtube and to our facebook pages. This in itself is scary and generates tons of resistance, but then comes in play another one of the elements that contributes to the success of London Real’s courses : since the beginning you are assigned to a team and OMG! I was assigned to Brian Rose’s team and have had more support and kicks in the butt than ever in my life. I have been blessed with these team members because they are an energetic, kind, competitive and supportive group that has pushed me beyond my limits in order to complete the assignments.

Then the course started and….

  1. We had to find our microniche, we had to learn everything about our competitors and create our business model. All the necessary foundations for our business were laid precisely down in this module.
  2. Then we had to build a Website and we got very clear on what was the website supposed to do for us. No time wasting, no fluff, no nonsense.
  3. Then we had to produce the content for the website, creating pages, videos and setting up our mail autoresponders. We were approaching making money while you sleep….
  4. Then we had to kickstart our social media and London Real shared all the tips, tricks and boosts you can think of, making us create a social media workplan to carry on from now onwards
  5. The next step was creating our first viable low cost product and this is where resistance really kicked in. How on earth am I going to sell a product to my competitors was all I could think of, and again, pushing through, going out of my comfort zone and the unwavering support of the team made the miracle.
  6. But on the next module, I was in for a really tough ride : we had to sell the product and Brian Rose, instructed us to conduct live webinars in order to sell our products, just like the pros do! We had to promote heavily, go to where the fear was and simply do it. Again, the team was crucial for us to accomplish all of this.
  7. Finally, this week we are planning our goals for the next 6 months and really developing our roadmap to get there.
Brian Rose and Carmen Ezcurra

I have to say that I have hated and loved this course with an intensity that caught me by surprise. I have had to go to where all my fears were, I have had to look straight into their eyes and send them to hell, just where they belong. I have had to overcome resistance and procrastination many times and this has shown me that if your intention and your why are big enough, you can become unstoppable. Brian Rose has led me and my team with passion and discipline. For him, there are no excuses, all is resistance so if you just push yourself, by experimenting weekly discomforts and by living outside of your comfort zone and do the work, he manages to lead us to where our dreams are and he enables you to make them more real, more possible. He teaches us how to take our dreams from possibility to reality and that is priceless!!!!

Thank you, once again, Brian Rose and all your wonderful team at London Real . And last but not least, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fantastic people in the course and specially to all my team members in #TeamRose. You are truly the best!

Carmen Ezcurra

Owner of Risk & Insurance Services

Owner of The Out of the Box Business Podcast

and Owner of

The first business is my insurance brokerage firm and the last two businesses have been created during the London Real “Broadcast Yourself” Course and the London Real “Business Accelerator” Course.

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