Flaring fires
Spread fast, burned bright
Without their feed
They’d never been ignite
But fires burn easy
On wood and old grass
Regardless of the mites
And lives along the way
The fire burns them up
While eating at the hay
Swept along by winds
Of science, ideals and life
The fire crept up
Till it reached the bay
There was no more food
So there did the fire stay
Burning its own ashes
And remaining bits of hay
Nobody feeds the fire
But there the fire will stay
Kept alive by the winds
Of science, ideals and life
Of the beauty of life
Of ideas alive
Burning stray straws everyday
Hungry embers waiting
Faint in the sunlight
Lighting up the nights
Trying not to put out its light
Not dying, because of the winds
Of science, ideals and life
Smoldering its ashes

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