What Are You Thankful For?
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I’m thankful for scholarships, sponsorships and grants

When I was very young tween, only richies and people loaded with cash could see so much of the world, could spread their ideas to an international audience, could have opportunities to change people’s lives dramatically by carrying out large scale projects, could study all the lovely complicated big stuff in those nice universities.
I, eight, could only do the small stuff that (apparently) normal people did and sit at home like normal children did.

Fast forward to ten years later when I see that I couldn’t be more wrong. Over the years, scholarships have delighted me. I haven’t secured one yet, but then, I’m not planning on university right now because hungrily scrounging for new experiences (and my 9–5 job) keeps me too busy to do that yet. Well, I’m 18 and there’s time for that.

Frankly, life has shown how it can delight and educate me too well that I don’t think universities would satisfy the impatient me right now. But when I do settle down, and if I can’t afford something I badly want to study, I know that there are backup plans.

One of the best things that I’ve discovered in my job is that I can change lives on a big scale. Planning things are effortless, and many organizations and donors are looking to spend their money in worthy causes. It’s a matter of having a good plan, a wide reach, knowing exactly what you are doing, and you can get a grant/sponsorship. Off you are, changing the world. This is opening up more doors to changing-the-world ideas inside my head (I haven’t done anything personally yet, but as part of my organization, but hope to soon) than ever. I see something wrong in the places I go, and I know that as long as I can sell my determination of doing this to some donors, I can change it.

Grants give me the space (and hope) to change the world.

Our organization is basically a collection of people changing the world, running on grants, and getting salaries as well. Dream stuff, eh? (Although it isn’t all unicorns and cotton candy, it’s pretty awesome)

Talk about travel grants. Sponsorships. A personal favorite. There are ideas that you just wish you could tell the world of. They make this possible. They also help you see the world. And motivate you. And inspire you. Beyond what you thought you ever could. They let you sit down with a thousand other people from around the globe. They get you thinking, this stuff matters. What we do matters. Standing up for things matter. You are all in this together. You are all talking about the same thing. You all want to change the same thing.

And there are more of you.

Some people wouldn’t be traveling at all without sponsorships. They cant afford to throw around so much.

So you see that many people and organizations rely on these grants, the sponsorships, the scholarships, to keep their lives in place.

This thanksgiving, let us give thanks to all the countries and organizations making this possible. Know that you are loved and what you do is great.

Keep being awesome.

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