Your mind is racing. What should you be doing now? What if it doesn’t work? What if it is not good? What will they think about you?

You want to create something that will be used by people.

But you’re afraid. You think people will judge you. You are stuck. You don’t know how to start moving again.

You’re getting comfortable being stuck there.

You see the time passing in front of you. You know the truth. You know your time is limited. But you’re unable to move.

You’re afraid of mistakes. You believe you’ll be exposed as an imposter. You have lost control of yourself. You are a slave of your mind now. And you’ve become ok with it.

You know that you can do it and much more. Still you feel contained.

I’m here to tell you one thing.

You will be fine.

You’ll figure out a way. Just trust yourself and give it time.

And.. Breathe.