Going Vegan D11 — I’m So Confused

So, have I failed this challenge already?

This all started with a trip to my nutritionist this morning. The conversation went something like this.

“How are you today?”

“Tired, doc. I’m sleeping worse on this diet. My sleeping pills are not working as well as they used to. I’m moody. I have no energy. My anxiety is getting worse. I suffered a panic attack a few days ago. Things are bad.”

“Remember when I told you it’s hard to get all your iron and protein on a vegan diet?”

“Then what do I do? Do I have to stop this diet?”

“Veganism may not work for your unique dietary restrictions. How about you try putting eggs back into your diet for a week and see if that helps?”

My nutritionist goes on to tell me very small pockets of vegans believe eating eggs is okay as the egg doesn’t harm or kill the chicken in the process. Although a quick Google search seems to imply the opposite.

I ‘grew up’ on farms (all my Amish babysitters had farms) and seeing how their farms worked without abusing their cows, chickens, and pigs, I find it hard to believe that all farms are as hopelessly nasty as those portrayed on the internet. That, and The Incredible Dr. Pol also backs up my belief that not all farms are seedy, cruelty barns of the Internet’s mass hysteria.

I believe my nutritionist’s advice much more than I believe the “you’re murdering chickens” propaganda out there. From a health standpoint, I need protein and I cannot consume foods with a high glycemic load.

So, have I failed this challenge already if I’m including eggs?

“Well, if the concept behind Veganism is to not eat anything that is produced by animals or animal labor then you would have to include all fruits and almost all vegetables. This is because they are all produced using honey bee pollination.”

— The Vegan Bro’s

I am officially so confused now.

It’s no wonder vegans get the eye-roll. In all honesty, some of these rules are nonsensical.

Perhaps the better diet for me is vegetarian where I can eat eggs. I still have to cut out the milk products since I’m lactose intolerant, so maybe I’m what they call a “flexitarian”? Seems like I need a fanny pack and dreadlocks for that one.

And let’s not get started on the great honey debate.

Well, here we go. I think I’m a failure at this whole vegan thing. This morning, I hard boiled an egg and munched it down. I love eggs. Vegans of the world may now start cursing my very existence.

But I’ve got to sleep…

And I need my energy back.

I’m glad I’ve tried this and lost a few pounds, but this diet is not worth my mental health.

So then, let’s see how this goes.

Happy eating!