Going Vegan D4 — Taco Night!

I make a mean guacamole

Even the family got into this one.

Taco Night in my household is the highlight of the week. Fresh-made guacamole, a bunch of veggies, salsa, beans . . . yum! For me, this meal will be easy. I already eat a vegan taco night.

I make a mean guacamole. (If you’re interested in the ‘recipeh’, head on over to my blog).

Taco Night for me is more like Chips and Dip night. I don’t use taco shells (they’re a pain in the bum!), I can’t eat burrito wraps (the whole wheat thing), and I’ve gone through the gluten-free corn tortillas that fall apart when you put something in them . . . or they get cold . . . or you look at them wrong.

I spread a bed of refried beans, top with lettuce, guacamole, veggies, and salsa. Then I scoop it all up with tortilla chips.

This meal is a freebie for me. And there’s enough left over for lunch tomorrow.


Happy Eating!

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