Going Vegan D13— Sushi Night!

Sushi and I go way back, ya know.

All day I kept thinking about you, sushi. Your little boats floating round and round. Your little coloured dishes with the plastic sneeze guards keeping your sushi-ness all safe and sound.

I’ve been thinking of which ones of you I can eat, and which ones of you I will have to admire from afar.

I love you, sushi. No one understands me but you.

Okay. Enough of that.

I know this will be a tough one for me. Sushi and I go way back, ya know. We’re like best friends. I eat you for dinner and you keep coming back for more.

As the little boats go around and around offering their delicious sushi wares for me to consume, I know most of them have fish.

But I have a plan.

I went ‘healthy’ and ate a veggie rolls (avocado roll), and there’s a curry potato roll (I forgot the name) without fish or sauces. I confirmed with the chefs that the crab meat was the fake-o stuff so the California rolls are good to be nommed. When wheat is deep fried is the only time I can eat it, so tempura battered yams and zucchini made it on to my plate.

Even the fishless sushi still satisfied my cravings. This night out (my pre-Mother’s Day feast) is an easy win because I didn’t eat any fish tonight and still got to experience sushi. I enjoyed a great dinner, stuffed my belly, and went home happy.

Next time, I know there will be lots of options for me.

Next time, I’ll be ready to dive right in and enjoy.

Do you hear that, sushi? You and I will meet again.

Until then . . .

Happy eating!

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