Lunch Break

“I don’t know. Working with books sounds perfect for me. Especially with words. Imagine this! Just words. And myself. How lovely it is. And books have them. So, of course it can’t be separated.” I explained to him who smiled at me. Whether because of the way I said things or the substance of what I said.

“I wonder why. You don’ t get enough money in it, thou.” He stared up and down. Maybe to examine the my lack of fashion style. Or maybe what I wear? Maybe what I use? Oh, just look at him! Fine with the tailored business suit and nice tie. Elegant with that hair style. Classy with those shoes and bag. I grinned at him to ease my soul.

“You make me conscious, Tom.”

“Maybe you should. Because it’s just you who have lunch in those clothes. You don’t wear short, tank top, and cardigan in Monday for lunch.”

“You know I don’t work on Monday.” I sighed.

“Yeah. Lucky you…” He rolled his blue eyes and returned to eat his steak.

“Well…of course I sometimes think that this is a low paid job, but…you know, there’s just a thing with words that is expensive.” I winked at him who then laughed and shook his head.

“You and your fetish.”

“Hey! It’s a good kind of fetish.” I playfully snapped at him.

“If it’s a low paid job. You still get to buy books every month. I’m surprised you even buy three to five books.”

“Yeah. That, I can manage. What do you think I sacrifice to buy many books?”

“Clothes.” He nodded at his steak seriously.

I chuckled and said, “Right! And I don’t regret it. Sometimes. Not frequently.”

“Well…let’s say there’s another job with good salary and you still can work around book.” He sipped his coffee and stared at me curiously.

“Hmm…,” I looked around and found myself thinking hard about his question. “Are you have a new job for me?” I looked at him without hiding my happiness.

“Well…no.” He smiled and I felt faltered.

“Huh I thought you have one. The point is word, Tom. I love to play with words.”

“But you don’t like to play with my heart, do you?” He smirked and I snickered at him.

“Oh come on, Tom. How can you…how can you ask that after you ask different thing. Gosh…this finally turns weird.” I guffawed and have to stop myself from fall from the chair.

“Finally?” He grinned at me and I pat my hand on his cheek.

“Put that creepy grin off of your face. Yeah, finally because somehow everything we talk about always turn to something entirely different.”

“That’ s because we are the best.”

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