Siege and Storm

I don’t know how to say for the second installment of The Grisha trilogy. I was drawned to the fast pace of the adventure and the surprises it has. I can say this is better than the first book.
In Siege and Storm, I can say a lot for the characters well development. For Alina, Mal, Darkling, even for Genya and other minor characters, and for new characters too. I can say that this book gave the climax for the characters development.

I already said that I want some maturity from Alina. Not that significant but she grown well for me. Not only she got some senses, but she also got tough. Not some wimpy girl she was before. So much toughness and I could sense a bitterness, greed, and withdrawnness from her for being a Sun Summoner. I don’t blame her. She has right for feeling that. At the beginning chapters I doubt that she’ll ever grow up and not being clumsy, but then I saw her growing better each chapters. I even come to love her bluntness and her temper and her surprising decisions she made as a leader in the book.
For Mal, I could see his personality better in this book. I love that in this book I get to see how good Mal in tracking. Even though it came as bits and bobs, I’m satisfied that I get to know him better. But then sometimes I doubt his relationship with Alina. Remember I said I love their relationship? I’m disappointed to say that this book gave me grief for their relationship. I still love them being sweet at each other, their little yet meaningful conversation, but I could feel that it will lead to some bad events. I could see their relationship blooming, but I still feel the big hole that will tore them apart. God, I wish I could handle that well. At the beginning chapters I really love Mal’s personality. Because of Alina, his characters developed better and we can see more of his good and bad side. In the book, he said something like 'I’m here because of you’. Yup, I can say he’s here because of Alina and he’s known because he is Alina’s bestfriend and boyfriend. That has good and bad side in their relationship and as a character in this book. He can’t be a standalone character (let’s just say that word exists), like Darkling or Alina. He will cling to her as much as his characters will be exposed when it is about Alina. I still can’t decide if that is a bad or a good thing.

The Darkling....*sigh* I was disappointed that I can’t see his other side. LOL. Throughout the book, I can’t decide if he’s a bad guy or a good guy. Maybe some people can say that easily, but I can’t because I felt similar thing with Alina too about the Darkling. In the last chapters thou, I know what kind of guy he was, but well I can’t say much until I read the last book. In this book, he just came in glimpses of a creeper. He is an obsessive person who don’t want to go away from Alina. I couldn’t find what his real intention is. I can only assume before I read the last book.

The new characters surprisingly were introduced better. Their personalities and their relationship with main characters are enough in this one book. For an intro I think that’s considered as a good thing. Not too much but not hidden either.
One new character thou, made me fall in love. LOL. He has that kind of love-hate relationship with Alina and I love how well his personality is told even though sometimes he has bad side as well. Nikolai, hands down for Bardugo smartness telling his character in this one book. I’d love to see more of him in the last book. He affected this book so much I will be disappointed if there’s no closure about him in the last book. His relationship with Alina is undecided in this book. I can say he is interested in her, but I can’t see how far their relationship will go in this book. If there’s prospect, that will be what? Love square? (Meh...forget that)

Aside from characters, I love the plot Bardugo made and the way she lead me to each event. It made me think a lot and curious as well. The world building is better for I can make myself being there and connected to the main characters as well. The way Bardugo told about events and humours in it made me satisfied, both for first and second book. The romance still made me confused just like the first book, but it’s better in this one, because not only it’s already in the middle of the relationship, but also for the intro about Alina’s relationship with other men in the love square (OTL) and I feel content when I read the romance part. And curious as well. Oh and furious too. Sometimes.

Overall, I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. Such an improvement after the 3.8 stars I gave for the first book. This second book is so well made and I can’t wait to start the last book.