Stranger Beside You

She looked around. Found nothing interesting and continued to read and type whatever thing in her phone.

Is it really that interesting? Your phone?

She wore a red blouse with long blue culottes, complemented her long legs. Paired with her favourite blue espadrilles, she really looked perfect. In her way.

Aren’t you always perfect in my eyes?

I tapped my fingers on the table and still silently watching the way you sipped your mojito without looking. My foot even dangling loosely in the air as not want to disturb her but eventually it did.

She stared at me unapprovingly and kick my foot softly as if asking why can’t I just stop moving.

Finally notice me, don’t you?

I grinned helplessly and chose to read the menu that have been ignored for minutes.

“Ready to order again, Sir?” out of nowhere, the waitress came and ready with the notes in her hand.

“Americano for me and scones with strawberry jam, please.”

She finally put her phone on the table and looked at me.

“Didn’t you already buy scones on our way?”

“Really? I don’t remember.” which isn’t true because I do remember.

“You did. This morning. We bought that and you said that you missed your usual scones because you haven’t eaten that like for weeks.” She explained lively and I was amazed by the way she remember things.

“Well…that’s already hours ago. I think we will have lunch now?”

“It’s already lunch?” She looked at me and quickly checked her watch. I smirked at her panic state. “Why don’t you tell me? I have an appointment with my client at 1 p.m. Wipe that smirk, honey.” She patted my cheek.

“You were so busy with your phone and I think you already have a reminder for that. You remembered I ate scones for breakfast.”

“Oh yeah. I was busy with my phone.” She nodded and looked at me curiously.

“Yeah. You are busy with your phone. Just tell that client of yours about the change and this place.” I waved a hand as if that was such a simple problem.

“Okay. I was busy with my phone,” She played with the bag strap as she said, “I’m sorry.”


“Sorry that I’ve been ignored you for hours.”

I just smiled at her and looked at the scones that was already served by the waitress.

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