Uncontrolled Curiosity

I can freeze time. It’s actually not as great as how it sounds. It’s complicated. It’s like you play with something you actually can’t hold on. And you corrupt it. You’re already given 24 hours, but you can make more. And more. And more. More until you freak out about that. It’s still 24 hours, but in your life it’s more.
I always think like that in my free time. How my oh-so-called ability turns to be something I can’t control. And make me a creeper.

I looked at how the sky turned to greyish colour. Everything around me turned black. White. Grey. Nothing is colourful.
You can say the most upsetting about my ability is when I have nothing to do and time stopped. Of course I can control it. I just can’t control my selfishness.
I walked out of my class and saw people. When the time freezes, I always love to analyse their expression. Sometimes it’s funny, heartbreaking, annoying, or maybe nothing. The face I love the most is when it shows love. Anyone’s face. May it be girl, boy, man, woman, elder people, younger one, anyone. Like this one. When time freezes I often saw him in the corridor, cafetaria, basketball court, parking lot, anywhere in school and he always has this same look. Maybe it’s his crush? I wondered how he always has that look. How he even manages to be always in the same room as her? Is he a stalker? Don’t you think a stalker has soft gaze like that? Well...I don’t know him even though our class is side by side. I don’t have much friends outside my own class. I often saw him passing my class when time doesn’t stop. Or when he interacts with people and he seems nice. I always heard good thing about him. Yeah...he is quite popular. Sometimes he stopped in front of the window outside my class, but then he walked away. Today I found him in front of the window again. Looking at something or rather someone maybe because his eyes showed love. I walked in and sat on the table near the window where he stopped.

"Who are you looking at..." I whispered as if he would hear me. I followed his gaze as I walked back. Still staring at his gaze. And stopped. I felt his eyes on me as I sat.

"So she is the one." I mumbled. It was Jane’s table. She sat behind me in class. I sat on her table and looked at him. At his gaze. Next thing I know I felt something moving inside me. I turned my face away, feeling quite embarrassed. Oh. Maybe this is the say "butterfly in your stomach".
I looked at him again and sighed. So this is what it’s feel like when someone looked at you like that. I probably can watch that all day. I lean on the table, using my arm as a support. I felt drown to his gaze.

"Andrew..." I felt the way his name came out of my lips and my cheek warmed at the thought of him. And his gaze. But as if someone knocked me on the head, I snapped out of my thought.
This isn’t happening.
I looked out of the window just to find it empty. Does it already finished?
I looked around. No. It still froze.
"How did..." I felt my tounge tied and a sudden pain in my chest. Where is he? How can he move in my time? I frantically walked out of the class and still didn’t found him. I walked slowly and paid more attention inside other classes. I felt someone behind me and I turned around just to find nothing. This is frustrating! How can someone move in my time? Who is he?

I ran down the stairs hurrily and found someone, who’s not as black and white as others, standing far on the corner. His back was on me. I walked towards him uncertainly. He was still and looked rather calm. Is this really Andrew?

I felt my hand shaking as I hesitantly touched his shoulder. He turned around and I found myself in his warm hazel eyes. I unconsciously backed up and his hand caught my arm.

"No. Don’t go. I won’t harm you." He spoke. He is here. My eyes widen as I realize the fact. I shoke my head. Maybe this is a dream. I opened my eyes again to find him looking at me worrily.
So he is really here. And he is colourful. And warm...

I jerked and opened my eyes. I squinted at the light coming out of the window. That....is a weird dream...
I looked around and found people doing their own activities. So the time moved again when I sleep.

"Hey, Eve. You okay? You looked rather pale." Lisa, one of my classmate looked at me curiously. I sighed and said, "No. I’m okay. Just a bit tired."

"You can rest in the clinic you know." She smiled reassuringly. Lisa is one of my close friends in class. She always be the one who cares about someone’s health. For building the intuition before applying in medical school she said.

"No need to. Besides...teacher will come any time now." I declined. She looked at the watch and nodded. I glanced at my watch and felt that I have to looked at the corridor. I turned my head and saw Andrew passing. He unexpectedly turned his head at me and stopped. He was standing on the same position. My hand fidgeted and unconsciously squeeze the hem of my shirt. It was like a slow motion in my mind. He watched me with that gaze. And smiled.

*Based on the writing prompt from shareasimage

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