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Most decentralized projects are still young. Business decisions and technical calls tend to be made by the original founding team or groups of core developers. This is because blockchain technology is still a relative novelty, and designing and implementing good governance is hard. The relevant issues — protocol changes, technical parameters, incentive mechanisms, etc. — can be technically challenging. Usefully participating in governance may require expertise that is hard to find beyond a small group of developers and enthusiasts.

Decentralized technology is slowly maturing. The focus is shifting from technical issues to the challenge of achieving real-life traction and offering genuine value to the public. This value comes in the shape of robust, privacy-preserving services in domains such as decentralized finance, identity services, gaming and data sharing, to name a few. …

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Blockchain technology has enabled us to interact with each other in totally new ways. So much so, that it has the potential to become one of history’s greatest global disruptors. One hugely important potential benefit of its decentralized ledger technology is the way it can give you control of your personal data: In short, controlling who has access to the data you generate, and who benefits from its value.

Big data just keeps getting bigger

This is a big thing because a huge, and exponentially increasing, amount of data is being generated by people and the connected devices, wearables, health and fitness apps, and sensors around us. What’s more, the amount of this real-time data will continue growing now and well into the foreseeable future. …

Back now in Europe after Devcon3. Weatherwise, of course, things are not quite the same here, drizzle and 5 degrees above zero being the order of the day.

But we bring back many warm memories! Devcon 3 was a great experience, the event hummed along nicely and mostly without safety worries. Some unsavoury characters were seen around, though.

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Cozumel Splendid Toadfish (Sanopus splendidus)
Despite such distractions, we were able to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and find out more about a number of exciting projects.

As to the official program, Henri was on stage in the P2P breakout track. He gave an overview of the Streamr platform and discussed how it enables machines and connected devices to share and monetize real-time data. Henri also did a live demo, building a real-time analytics pipeline from scratch on stage, and connected it to an Ethereum smart contract. The breakout sessions were recorded but not live streamed, but the Devcon team should make the recordings available online soon. …


Risto Karjalainen

Streamr COO. Ph.D., behavioural finance, machine learning, professional quant before getting hooked on real-time data and decentralized computing.

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