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In order for applications to consume Mapify services, customers are required to use an API key. This API key will allow customer applications to obtain a valid access token from Mapify Authorization service. The access token is a signed JWT token, digitally signed by Mapify, containing the claims to which the customer API key is associated. Customers will have access to Mapify’s administration console to manage their API keys and associated claims.

Claim-Based Authorization

If you need to protect a certain service from unauthorized access, one has to ensure that the service requester has the appropriate claims to do so.

Some less optimal approaches require the service provider to check the caller’s identity through an authentication method, and sometimes another method needs to be used to check for the right permissions. …

Este artículo habla sobre el uso de la plataforma Intercom por Mapify.

Hace menos de un año que Mapify adquirió los servicios de Intercomal principio del desarrollo de la plataforma. En lugar de los habituales formularios de contacto, este Customer Messaging Platform ha permitido incorporar un contacto con el exterior de forma interactiva.

Teniendo en cuenta que Mapify es plataforma prototipada y escalable vimos necesario hacer una solución a medida. …

This article talks about using the intercom platform for Mapify.

It was less than 1 year ago, at the beginning of the development of the platform that mapify acquired the Intercom services. Instead of the usual contact forms, this Customer Messaging Platform allowed incorporating a contact interactively with the outside!

Mapify, being a prototype and scalable platform, needed to be tailored with a custom solution. …

Last week, the Web Summit took place in Lisbon at Altice Arena on November 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. This event, which will be repeated over the next 10 years, was attended by more than 70,000 people from 100 different countries.

For Mapify it was the first time to attend Web Summit, integrated into the Alpha program for companies in the pre-investment stage.

Mapify is a location intelligence platform that enables you to build a prototype of applications with our own data.

I felt it was an amazing networking event, similar to a Network map, with many tags that represented people. …


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Meet new communities, talk to people and work with maps, these are my passions.

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