If at First You Don’t Conceive, Try, Try Again (and Don’t BD Until Your CM Is EW)
The Hairpin

I’m Hellen Monica and I’ve lived with unexplained infertility my whole life, never being able to achieve a pregnancy.At age 27, I had some cells frozen off my cervix as a result of having a pre-cancerous condition. Then I went about living my life, traveling, learning, enjoying, loving, never realizing my fertility was dwindling, always confident I could have kids at any age- why hurry?along the line i met with a friend who directed me to Dr Kruma Crumen who help me with fertility herbal supplement which i take and after surprisingly i got pregnant and now i am a motherof two now. If you are in the same situation and you need help Contact Dr Kruma Crumen via Email: drkrumacrumen@gmail.com or website: http://drkrumacrumenspellhome.tripod.com/drkrumasolutionhome/

Yours faithfully,

Hellen Else

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