art by Hajime Sorayama

Over the 6 months, I have been learning something pretty amazing and empowering — coding. It has been a childhood dream fulfilled to learn this skill and I am excited to continue down this path as a career, but I have noticed that I have needed to practice a lot of self care to balance myself out along the way.

Prior to this immersion into web development, my daily life included very little sitting and minimal screen time, and I could tell after just a couple weeks of switching to this more sedentary lifestyle that there was a lot that…

Bryan Olson

There is a misconception that cliques and stereotypes are left behind the hallways of our high schools. We may all be familiar with the tropes of jock, nerd, weirdo and prep, but less so with the ways these roles transform into something more subtle but insidious as we enter the “real world.” It is understandable that there is some comfort found in simplifying each other, putting ourselves and other humans into the narrow confines of labels to feel safe. And there is some deep fear in the thought that, perhaps, others may not be what they seem. …

One excellent new specification that became available as a part of HTML5 is something called the <picture> element. It is a useful and powerful way for developers to have more control over the images in their responsive design. Not only does it account for common issues associated with image sizing and layout art direction, it is simple to use and understand in its code implementation. This element is an upgrade on the image element which has frustrated developers for years and offers a solution that can be used in layouts across the board.

Clean Code
In the past, the ways that…

rita solo

front end developer | coding w #cohort19 @hackeryou | traveler of time & space ☄️

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